Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

When is the last time you got your teeth cleaned? Regular dental cleanings are essential to your good oral health, with current recommendations requesting that dental patients come in every six months for a professional cleaning. Even if you brush […] Continue Reading

What Are My Smile Makeover Options?

Is there a feature within your smile that you want to enhance? Well, we can help. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, we can no help patients transform their smile into the smile of their dreams. Maybe you have a chipped […] Continue Reading

Is a Root Canal Necessary?

The fact that the term root canal, also known as an endodontic procedure or endodontic treatment, tends to come with a lot of negative connotations, highlights that many people believe in the stigma of whenever someone is experiencing tooth pain […] Continue Reading

A Restoration Dentist Can Replace Your Missing Teeth

If you have lost any of your teeth, visit a restoration dentist. At Anding Family Dental, we can help your teeth and your smile to look amazing, regardless of how healthy you are today. We find that many people feel […] Continue Reading

Read These Tips from a Teeth Whitening Dentist Before The Treatment

As a teeth whitening dentist, we understand that the demand for teeth whitening continues to increase. As a result of a desire to have the brightest smile possible, many over-the-counter solutions have sprung up in order to meet the ever-growing […] Continue Reading

What You Can Expect From our Family Dentistry Office

In our family dentistry office, our goal is to keep you, our patient, in the best possible oral health. We do this by examining and cleaning your teeth on a regular basis. We would prefer to do so twice a […] Continue Reading

The Scoop About Fluoride From a Dentist

As a dentist office in Omaha, we use fluoride to help strengthen teeth. You may even see ads for toothpaste containing fluoride and wonder if it even works; let alone, how it works. Fluorine is a naturally occurring substance that […] Continue Reading

A Cosmetic Dentist in Omaha Can Improve the Appearance of Your Gums

When you see a cosmetic dentist, you come in with set expectation. This expectation is that you want to leave with a far better smile than before. We understand this expectation and work hard to culture it. At our office, […] Continue Reading

Visit a Restorative Dentist in Omaha After Being in an Accident

As a restorative dentist in Omaha, we treat a lot of people with damaged teeth from an accident. While we focus on preventative care in our dental office, we know that accidents do happen. Even if you are focused on […] Continue Reading

Learn How Implant Restoration Works

An implant restoration does more than just giving people back the teeth they have lost. Implant restorations are changing the way we view tooth loss as a whole and creating a situation where we are no longer afraid of losing […] Continue Reading